Friday, December 16, 2011

School's Out!

Harvey Primary School is a wonderful school.  As parents, we are pleased that it provided such an excellent school year for our boys.  Below are two reasons why - on the left is Mrs. Duff, Caleb's year 1 teacher and on the right is Mrs. Bayliss, Jackson's kindy teacher.

The last day of school for the year was Wednesday, 12th December and this school year was a most memorable one.  We have a few more blog entries before we close out on our exchange, so please keep looking us up for a few more weeks yet.  [Note: This entry is also a work in progress, so come back again to see a final product.]
Every day and several times a day, Mr. Walker would see skinks in the school yard sunning themselves.  Just one of many things that will provide lasting memories of Harvey and of Western Australia.
The second last day at Harvey Senior High School for the year 8's and 9's was an activity day.  Students rotated through three activities is the morning - Wii Competition, Sumo Wrestling, and a Quiz Show.  Lunch was an Aussie essential - the sausage sizzle.
Then off to the outdoor pool for a swim, games, and inflatable obstacle course for the rest of the afternoon.  Students had to fight off some teachers to get their turns on the obstacle course.

The year 10's finished regular classes in week 4 of term four and then had opportunity to continue learning by take some excellent endorsed programs.  Students were intensly instructed durings periods 1 to 4, Monday to Thursday.  Some options included first aid, skipper's ticket, driver's education, O H & S and others.  In period 5, year 10's signed up for some  less structured activity based programs, such as movie making.  Below is the product of 3 weeks of Mr. Newton and students's hard work - a zombie film with a cameo appreance of an imported actor from Canada.  Enjoy!
If you can't watch the youtube video above, then click the link below.

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