Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bunbury Santa Claus Parade

Last Sunday might of been one our last times to go to the beach.  We sure have enjoyed living near the coast and it's endless supply of beaches. This picture was taken in Bunbury at Hungry Hallow, an excellent swimming beach nestled between two reefs.   In Australia, the first day of summer starts on 1 December; and we wanted to make the most the summer heat before heading home to much colder climes.  And no better way to do that than attend a Christmas parade and see how the folks down under celebrate the festive season!

There was a street festival with market stalls, music, kids activities, a small side show alley, kite flying and a grand stand showcasing local talent singing, dancing, carolling, and joking the afternoon away. 

To the right are gingerbread stars to be decorated and later eaten.  Below is a game of chance - drop a ball in the clown's mouth to win a prize.  We didn't stop there as it would be just another thing to pack.

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me... three musicians playing jingle bells, two little boys wanting lots of presents, and a silly Christmas tree. 
The main event and what every little girl and boy was waiting for... the Santa Claus parade. 
First the police, then Girls in Utes to lead the charge down main street.

Dolphy from the Dolphin Discovery Centre joined in as well.  Earlier in the day we saw three of his wild cousins close to shore while we're swimming.

And only a fleeting glimpse of old St. Nick riding in a convertible.  Still not sure if Santa was wearing shorts during his Australian appearance or not?
Note:  If you look back three blog entries you may notice a new one titled, Signs That You Are Not In Canada.  We started it awhile ago, but only had it saved as a draft.  We recently published it, but the original creation date remained.

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