Monday, December 12, 2011

Rewarding Days of Summer

The last weekend in Harvey before we board our flight home to Canada was spent at Binningup Beach.  The Indian Ocean coastline is only about 20 km from town and is used quite frequently by locals for fishing, swimming, surfing/ bodyboarding, and soaking up the sun.  One thing we have noticed on the Aussie beach is that if guys weren't in boardies (surf shorts) they were wearing short shorts instead.  As you can see wee Jackson joined in with his wee speedos.  The Newton family had a going away bbq for us and brought out the fishing rods to have a go.  Caleb caught the first fish within the first few minutes of throwing in the hook.  Unfortunately, it was a small puffer fish and they're poisonous.  But, the look of satisfaction on his face after catching that fish was worth all the fish in the sea. 
In the hour that we went fishing we didn't catch any keepers, but 6 fish (3 pufferfish, 2 yellow fin bream, 1 whiting) was still pretty fun.  Plus, Collin was glad to have finally gone beach fishing in Australia.  Pretty good way to spend your birthday - on the beach with +30 degrees temps.  Better than some birthday parties in his youth when invited guests had to spend the night because of terrible blizzards!
Our Children had a fantastic year at Harvey Primary School.  Both boys enjoyed their year groups, loved their teachers, made good friendships, and learned copius amounts of the Australian curriculum.  At the last school assembly of the year, Caleb was awarded an Endevour Award for  'demostrating the virtues of persistence, determination, patience and commitment'.  Two very proud parents were in the crowd thinking to themselves - which side does he take after? 
Jackson also was given going away gifts and a 100% attendance certificate for his days at Kindy.  After going to school 3 days a week here in Harvey, he might become a little bored with only 1 afternoon a week playschool back in Lloydminster.  Oh well, Becky will have to put on her Mrs. Walker, Kindy Teacher hat a little more often.

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