Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rottnest Island
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Rottnest Island
Rottnest Island is Perth's beach island getaway.  We did a day trip back in January and soon realized that it wasn't enough time to explore.  The 45 minute ferry leaves Fremantle 10:00 am and leaves the island at 4:00 pm.  With so much to do and see we knew that when our parents came during Easter holidays that we would have to spend the night to get the full effect.  We stayed in one of the Governor Cottages on the old army barracks turned youth hostel grounds.  Great spot to spend the night.  Our cottage had 9 single bunks (oops, we forgot our own bedding, but lucky woolen blankets were in the wardobes) a bathroom, kitchen and dining room... and plenty of quokkas. 

QUOKKA, Quokka, quokkas... are everywhere!  These little marsupials in the wallaby/ kangaroo family were once mistaken by Dutch explorers in the 17th century for rats, hence the name ROTT (rat in Dutch) NEST Island.  History bit - the island was also used as an aboriginal prison, army barracks and WW 2 lookout, salt store, lighthouse for navigation, and vacation destination for more than 100 years.

The first day we took the bus that loops the island.  The island has a whopping total of 60 beautiful and diverse sandy beaches.  Great for a swim/ surf/ body board or sun bathing  or even snorkelling over the reefs. No personal cars are allowed on the island, so bicycles are king!  We hired (rented) a family of push bikes (pedal bikes) to go for our own tour.  Boys were very proud of their bikes and were sad to give them back.

 Clockwise from top left to bottom left. 
1. Biking around the island was fantastic!  2. Army barracks was used up until the 1980's.  3. Reefs and rugged shore line with contrasting colours. 4. Great views from a lookout hill over looking a few salty inland lakes and lighthouse.

Again clockwise from top left to bottom left.
1.  Grandma Walker asks, "Does this door knob seem tall? or am I just that short?"  2. Grandma Hughes racing Caleb up the hill.  3. Grandpa Walker tutoring Caleb on the fine art of walking with flippers. 
4. Jackson collecting sea water and whatever else he can find.

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