Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eleven & a 1/2 Things We Did Over The Easter Weekend

1. Visited Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury. 
Petted starfish, watched a dolphin video in a 360 degree theatre, but no real dolphins sighted.

2. Pa's Parenting Tip - Hang child over mangrove swamp until he squirms.

3. Spotted Roo's on the way home.  Close to 100 on both sides of the road.
4. Window shopped for outrageously expensive bananas.

5. Becky found her Aussie man - he doesn't ever talk back and listens intently to her every word.  Meanwhile, Collin is 'holding up the fort' at the 'MAN'grove swamp in Bunbury.


6. Bussleton Jetty - Almost 2 kilometres in length.  Can you see the end?

7. Played Safe on a big old tree.

8. Grandpa and Grandma Walker got lost at the Yallingup Maze.

9. After a sunset picnic we dipped our feet at Yallingup Beach.

10.  Went on an Easter Egg hunt.  Ate lots of chocolate as you can see! 



11.  Bet the house at the Harvey trots (harness racing).
11 1/2.  Caleb lost his first tooth (two weeks prior).

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