Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Potpourri, Odds & Ends, and Bric-a-Brac

The month of May was a mixed bag of new and old experiences.  Our Australian adventures continued a little closer to home in Harvey as we caught up on some rest from our busy, busy Easter break.

We are impressed with the early education system of Western Australia,  as our two sons turn down Saturday morning cartoons to get in another game.

Out perch fishing at Harvey dam after school one smoky day.  None for me :(

The boys have been invited to two birthday parties of classmates so far.  Aussie b'days are full of sweets and treats, cake, face painting, fairy bread (white bread with margarine and coloured sprinkles), pass the parcel, and hip hip hooray after the Happy Birthday song.  Spot the butterfly and the owl (with eyes open/ eyes closed). 

Parliament House of WA visit.  A staff member ask if I was interested in giving a talk about my exchange and my home province of Saskatchewan for the local Rotary Club.  I said I would and as a bonus I also got the opportunity to go the the capital, Perth, for a tour of Parliament House with the Rotary Club. We were toured around by the local politician and had a wonderfully tasty meal in a room reserved for dignitaries.  A special surprise was when the premier, Colin Barnet ate with us.  So I can say I met the premier of WA, but have no photographic proof, as shortly after I snapped the pic of the state's emblem, the black swan, in the hardwood timber flooring the security guards brusquely asked that no cameras be used inside.

Went geocaching one day in Bunbury.  The best thing about finding caches with a GPS unit is finding beautiful spots that might not be discovered otherwise.

 Went to a local theatre production of SPAM-A-LOT.  A Monty Python musical spoof of the movie The Quest for the Holy Grail.  THE BEST community theatre production we have EVER been to!  Laughed our butts off with a dozen co-workers and friends.

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