Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wagin Woolorama

Wagin's Big Ram
Wagin Woolorama - the second biggest country fair in Western Australia (only Perth's Royal show is bigger).  http://www.woolorama.com.au/

Wagin is about 200 km inland from Harvey.  It is wheat and sheep country and the Wagin Woolorama shows off what is best about being country.  Wool judging, sheep judging of Australian breeds and European breeds, best ewe and best ram of the show, sheep dog trials, garden fair, display booths, wool fashion show, kids area, utes (utility vehicles) on display, tractors and farm implements, olde tyme museum, rodeo, side shows and carnies, and plenty of bogans - the Aussie version of rednecks.  Needless to say - we had a blast!

Wool Judging.  I couldn't imagine wearing a wool coat in the outback throughout this year's summertime heat.
My wool princess.  Just before this shot was taken we were doing our own judging of 7+ varieties of wine from a Margaret River winery.
Sheep Dog Trials.  Babe the Pig was a no show at this year's event.
The Aussie Ute!  I could do a whole blog on the variety of utes here in WA.
I cheered on Mutton Chops - pun intended - for the sheep shearing competition.
Some shearers shaved 5 sheep in 10 minutes flat!  Wow!

And no visit to Wagin (pronounced Way Gin - an English version of the Aboriginal word weigt-in meaning emu) is complete without a stop at the BIG RAM.  Standing 9 metres tall and anatomically correct, to say this is just a roadside attraction would be an understatement. 
P.s. How did Caleb know this ram was a boy? Email if you know the answer this week.
Answer to the last blog's question -- because boy kangaroos don't have pouches!

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