Monday, March 28, 2011

Harvey Harvest Festival

March 20th was the Harvey Harvest Festival.  We heard about it before we left Canada and looked forward to seeing and tasting some the best that Southwest Australia has to offer.  Sorry folks, our photo taking opportunities were limited, so our pictures don't do it justice.  The Harvest Festival has local entertainment, food venues, wine/beer/cider tasting, some local produce for sale, grape stomping competition, car show, and some free stuff (and not so free stuff) for kids.
1961 Holden Ute
Captain Quirk and his bull whip act.
Captain Quirk was entertaining.  He had a juggling act, plenty of one-liners, and a few 'death defying' stunts.
Zipping around on the merry-go-round.
We ate and bought an eclectic mix of food consisting of homemade wholemeal walnut bread, Hungarian salami made from kangaroo meat, hot bratwurst sausage, a baked potato with Hawaiian toppings, washed down with Australian wines - a French grape white and Spanish grape red.  Harvey is known for its Italian heritage, but we missed out on the lasagna, seafood and pasta dishes.  To make another point about multiculturalism of Australia - the grape stomping competition was won by a Taiwanese team.
Harvey Primary School Disco
What better way to end a week of hard work learning at school than to unwind at the disco.  From Kindy to year 7 Harvey kids ran, limboed, screamed, danced and boogied for 2 hours.  Caleb brought home a song request sheet earlier in the week.  Caleb's top 3 songs were:
1. Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash
2. Yellow Submarine - The Beatles
3. Poker Face - Lady Gaga
(None of that Justin Beiber or Taylor Swift from this house!)
The video has Caleb showing off his moves.
Jackson had lots of mates to run around with including Kindy boys and year 7 girls.
Jackson didn't care what music was played, as long as he had a cold drink.
Although Collin doesn't have any photos to post, he did attend the Harvey Senior High School Ball in Bunbury the same weekend.   The high school ball would be similar to the American prom with gowns, hair/ makeup, limos and tuxedos.  The kids looked fab out of their school uniforms and not too many of them laughed at his Canadian white boy dance moves:)  [And the answer to last post's question... Caleb knew it was a boy ram because of it's big, curly horns.  Girl sheep don't have that!]

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