Saturday, February 26, 2011

Swimming Carnival - 23 February 2011

In Canada, Bishop Lloyd Middle School goes on an annual skiing trip to Table Mountain, but here in Australia Harvey Senior High School has their annual Aqua Spectacular. It is an all school swimming carnival with races, water games, fun participation events, some competitive and others not-so-much. The temperature all week was around 35 degrees, so most staff and students agree that the pool was a better place to spend the day than the classroom. It was so much fun - one of my favourite days so far:-)
Aqua Spectacular 2011 - Can you smile underwater?

Splash and Dash - swim 50m, run 300m, swim 50m.
How many year 10 boys can balance on this Hot Dog?
Cheer on your House teammates!
Dryland training for the Splash and Dash.

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