Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Days Of School

Caleb started Harvey Primary School in year 1 and Jackson is in Kindy.  Both are in their age appropriate grade levels and have already made some friends.  Caleb goes 5 days a week and Jackson goes full days on Mondays and Wednesdays.  They are so cute in their uniforms!  Our boys are really enjoying being at school and always have something to talk about when they come home.  Collin started work at Harvey Senior High School on January 27 for some locally based inservices and meetings, but also had a one day orientation in Perth for exchange teachers. The students' first day was Wednesday, February 1 - back from SUMMER holidays!  Sorry, no photos... we have temporary difficulties with the digital card reader.  We'll also have more to report about what teaching is like in the upcoming weeks.

My classroom is the third door from the right.
Mr. Walker going to school.
Caleb is in year 1 at Harvey Primary and Jackson is in Kindy.  (We bought a new card reader, so alas the photos are up!)

As for weekends getaways - this past weekend we went shopping in Bunbury, swam at another gorgeous Western Australian beach, and attended the trots (harness racing) - I won $1.70 on a $3 horse.  The previous weekend we drove an hour south to Donnybrook to attend a Wine and Food Fest.  Tasting a dozen or so wines and ciders from local growers was a highlight.  Sampling locally grown cheese, kangaroo salami, hot African curry, jams and jellies, homemade ice-cream, and fresh produce was also a tasty treat.  But, if you ask the boys what they liked best - it was the awesome Apple Park Playground.  Think of having the 10 best school playgrounds/ neighbourhood park climbing structures and combining them all in one area.  At times we only heard the giggle of our children and had no idea where they were.  A definite return visit is warranted to the largest free playground in Australia!

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