Thursday, November 17, 2011

Signs That You're Not In Canada

The following are signs that we have found in Australia that may not be found in Canada.  Either it may be lost in translation or warnings that native Aussie animals are crossing or something we found a little humorous.  View and enjoy!
+40 degrees in February!
Location: Our house in Harvey during the hottest month on record.
No deer or moose crossing - its 'roo crossing!
Location: Ferguson Valley

New vocabulary for dirty business.
Location: An outhouse in Wagin Historical Village

You would think that that is self explanatory.
Location: Perth Zoo

Canada has seagulls too and they will S.O.Y. too!
Location: Fremantle Boat Harbour

Again, you would think that this would be self-explanatory.

Rare and unusual animals do cross the road in Australia, but this is ridiculous! (Caleb clarified for us that it was not actually a tea cup crossing, but to let us know that we can buy coffee and tea up ahead in a shop. How did he get so smart?!)  Location: Shark Bay

The Great Northern Highway and North West Coastal Highway have such vast distances between
towns/ roadhouses/ cattle stations/ settlements that these warning signs also cover great distances. 
It truly is a driving concern with stray stock and kangaroos on the roads.

A sign at Kumurina Roadhouse south of the outback mining town, Newman.

C'mon old people need to cross the road too!
Location: Harvey (But, found where ever old people inhabit.)

Can you guess what animal this is?  Answer: a bilby.
In Albany, residents have been educated on these noctural mammals feeding in their gardens are not rats, so please don't kill these once endangered animals.

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