Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wave Rock - More Fun Than School!

 Jackson: "Wave Rock is funner than school! It's the funnest thing in the whole world!"
Caleb: "Even funner than your Leapster?"
Jackson: "Yes!!"
Caleb: [Totally confused and not able to understand that.]

How many surf poses can you do on Wave Rock? On the edge of the desert and the outback is a quiet wheat farming community of Hyden.  Only famous because of a 1100 million year old rock where erosion has carved a giant wave.  The boys climbed and slid all up and down the granite rock face.  They laughed and laughed
Lonely Planet travel guide dares that anyone who visits NOT to strike their best surf pose.  We didn't last 15 minutes before the camera caught us in sea surf action some 400 km away from the coast.

On top of Wave Rock is a 1.5 km walk.  A few steep steps and we hiked the top of the monolith.  Caleb found tadpoles in the rock pools.  A rainbow greeted us as we looked out onto the bush and wheat fields.

Hippos Yawn is the second most visited part of the area.  In between Hippos Yawn and The Wave is a mini-wave, just not grown up yet.  Below is Mulka's Cave.  About 15 km drive to another large granite rock called The Humps is a cave steeped in Aboriginal history.  Several hundred painted hands and drawings are inside the cave left over from the centuries. 

After the cave we climbed to the top of the Humps to check out the view.
 Several rock gardens were found along the way.  One of nature's puzzles - how does huge rounded boulders get on to the top of an even more humongous boulder? 
There is also nature's art: I call this one Petrified Tortoise Testicles.

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