Friday, September 16, 2011

Let's hear it for the boys....

 Some of the reasons we love travelling and exploring around as a family is the reactions and excitement we get to see from the boys as they discover new and cool things.  From snorkelling the coral reefs and hiking in beautiful gorges to making "stew" (consisting of mud, water, straw and a few bugs for extra flavour) outside with neighbourhood friends and learning to read, we are continually amazed and entertained as Caleb and Jackson grow and learn.  For that reason, we thought we would share with you pictures of and art work created by our little men.  Enjoy!
Jackson getting ready for some flower picking

Caleb loves math and won Mathlete of the week for his work on 'Mathletics'

In Australia, Father's Day is in September, so last Sunday the boys excitedly hid their gifts they made at school and sent Collin on a treasure hunt.

Fruit appetizers in bed, followed by Eggs Benedict (at the table of course!)
Jackson's picture for Collin

Caleb made a trophy for Collin -Best Lego Maker

A trek through the woods and a little geocaching at 
Dingo's Knob to end the day

                                 Skate night at the Rec Centre..with a pirate theme of course!

Crazy Hair Day at school

(Did not spray his eyes...honest!)

Caleb's picture of him and Uncle Clint on the quad

Jackson's self-portrait

Jackson singing one of the many songs he has learnt at school and shared with us.

Caleb reading....well, actually reciting as it is a super easy book and he has memorized it...but he does read harder books and reads every day. 

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