Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 5- Denham to Exmouth

 Once again we had an early start to the day, and what a beautiful day it was.  We stopped at a road side turn-out to admire the sun rise over Shark Bay, waking a few hardy campers who were still snoozing in their tents on the pavement. Hey, they were camping illegally any way (we didn't want them to get caught and get a fined) and we thoughtfully directed them to the amazing view they would have missed out on if they had slept in!
  We made a stop at Shell Beach, where millions of Coquina Shells have accumulated over time to create this unique shell beach, where in some spots it is estimated that the shells are 10 metres deep.


Because these shells continue to be washed up to shore, they are considered a renewable resource and are therefore mined and used in chicken feed and in making concrete.

The day was spent driving, of course, but also stopping to enjoy the landscapes and features that WA has to offer.

     Lots and lots of open space!

 Canarvon and it's banana plantations.

          Termite mounds! 

Once we arrived in Exmouth, we found out that there had been some miscommunication with our accommodations.  Being the budget travellers we were trying to be, we had booked a four bed backpackers dorm, only to be informed that children under 18 were not allowed, and no exceptions were going to be made. Hmmmm...with every place completely booked up for months in advance and two tired little boys in the car, needless to say I felt a little twinge of panic.  Luckily, they just had gotten a cancellation late that afternoon and we able to get two nights in a Spa Chalet (talk about an upgrade!) and found another cancellation at a caravan park.  Crisis adverted!

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