Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CountryWeek 2011 Video .wmv

Country Week 2011 - Above is a video created by Mr. Newton the country week coordinator for 2011.

The opening scene reflects the absolutely crazy bus experiences we had during the week in Perth.  To be brief (literally I could write for pages on just the bus mishaps) we had a driver sleep in, drivers arrive late or went to wrong stadiums, one bus with mechanical problems, and one new driver that took us on a detour through Perth suburbs and a naval base, just to return us back to original pick up.  Ironically, I, a foreigner, was giving her directions to get back to the hotel.  She was so jerky on shifting gears that we had 4 players vomit from motion sickness - needless to say that was a 90 minute bus ride from hell.

The rest of the video follows the four sports teams from our school:  Boys Basketball (First Place in C Division), Girls Volleyball (First Place in E Division), Girls Netball (Third Place E Division), and Soccer Team (Third Place D Division).

Highlights of the Week
1.  Students were well behaved and excellent ambassadors for Harvey.  They were polite, picked up after themselves, showed great sportsmanship, were friendly, and followed the rules and guidelines set out for them.  It was good to see and other coaches and coordinators even commentted on this.
2. Opening and Closing Ceremonies.  To see over 900 atheletes dressed in their school uniforms from all over Western Australian, cheering and showing pride of just being there to participate in their sport, was inspiring.
3.  Coach Walker leading his basketball team to an undefeated 7 - 0 record.  Really, I inherited a very talented team with previous experience.  So it was easy.  This small town team had previously played  matches against bigger population schools and came out with a win or a draw.   Therefore, we could of played in a higher division and possibly been just as successful.
4. Facilites were top notch.  I loved playing in the basketball stadium.  Having eights courts playing at the same time is an awesome building to host a carnival (tournament).  Challenge stadium in Perth has swimming pools, soccer pitches, football ovals, rugby, field hockey, and volleyball courts all in one area.  Truly impressive sports facilities here in Australia.

Lowlights of the Week
1, 2 and 3 all happen on Tuesday.  With the crazy bus driver getting lost, having sick kids and nearly crashing, it made us late to get back to the hotel.  Therefore, we were late for the movies, missed the food court hours, ended up watching 3 hours of THE WORST MOVIE EVER - Transformers 3 and eating McDonald's at midnight. 

P.s. All in all, I wouldn't change a thing, because it makes for such a good story. It was an awesome week and I am glad to have experienced Country Week 2011.

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