Saturday, June 11, 2011

AC/DC to King's Park

'Twas the night before the exhibit and I hardly could sleep.                                              
Rain and 'Thunderstruck', 'Shook Me All Night Long'..... I hardly got a peep.  
We drove the "Highway To Hell',
but the gps told us to go 'Back (in Black)', oh well.

'For Those About To Rock', this history about the band is a must. 
With old concert posters, albums, loud music, memoralbilia, it sure wasn't a bust.
As we wondered 'Who Made Who?', 
the curator had said you are now through.

But not before we played 'TNT' on the rock band. 
With Caleb on the mic and Jackson at the drum stand.
The Museum of Western Australia was our mission
to go to the AC/DC Family Jewels Exhibition!

And no trip to any museum would be complete without a dinosour roaring fiercly.  What does make this museum in Perth different is a stuffed Australian marsupial wolf - Tasmanian Tiger a.k.a. Thylacine.  The last known 'confirmed' sighting was in 1930s Hobart zoo.  They were once abundant in mainland Australia thousands for years ago as the WA museum has bones of one discovered in a cave near Margaret River.  Plus, the Australian Aboringinal art, culture and history is also very well told.

During the June long weeknd we also meet up with another teacher exchangee, the Neufeld family from Ontario, Canada.  We played in two playgrounds in Kings Park, had a bbq, and climbed the DNA tower with Perth city and Swan river views.

750 year old Boab Tree that travelled 9 days from Kimberly to be transplanted in Kings Park in 2008.

Below are two videos of our boys being monkeys in a Bunbury playpark.  Jackson is very proud of himself as this is his first time making it across the monkey bars on his own.  For Caleb, it is old news!


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