Thursday, April 7, 2011

School Days

A few people have asked how is school down under?  There are definitely more similarities between Canada and Australia schools than differences.  Kids are kids anywhere in the world and no better way to prove this than to show a youtube video that the Japanese language teacher, Mr. Newton, created about the week long stay that 14 students from Sasebo Kita junior high school in Nagasaki Japan had at Harvey Senior High School and their host families throughout the community.

"A video I edited and put together as a memento for the students of Sasebo Kita Junior High School, during their week long 2011 visit to Harvey and Harvey Senior High School.
The song is called
会いたかった which means 'Wanted to Meet' in Japanese. It is sung by a J-Pop band called AKB48."
A few of the highlights in the video include:  Japanese language classes at the primary school using chopsticks, recess and lunch break mingling with each other, the going away bbq, song and dance performance, Aussie rules football lesson,  a drive in the senior school's 14 passenger home-made car, and the Harvey Show.

Both boys attend Harvey Primary School which is located just down the street from where we live.  Jackson is in kindy (4 year olds) and Caleb is in year 1 (6 year olds).  Both talk highly of their teachers and enjoy the class they are in. Last week was a sports carnival with individual events as well as team events going towards the team score.  Caleb was in the green faction and therefore wearing a green faction shirt.  Jackson participated, but kindy students don't belong to any colour faction.
Go Green!  Their school chant could rival the Riders song.

Wow! Not sure which side of the family he takes after?

The age old competetion - the sack race.

Canada wins silver.  And just like the Commonwealth Games we finish after the Aussies.

Just before this video was taken, Jackson had ran half way down the track racing with the girls before he was halted.  So, the next time he lines up he is not sure if he should go or not.

Caleb participated in many team events throughout the day (tunnel ball, 50 metre relay, sack race, corner spry - a type of throwing and catching game, and flag races).  Show in the video is his 50 m individual sprint.  I am sure every parent in town put their tired kids to bed early that night. 

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