Monday, January 10, 2011

Sydney Vacation Part 2

One of the reasons we decided to come at this time was to witness the New Years celebration and fireworks. Upon arrival we found out that 1.5 million people would be watching it live throughout the harbour area. The prime spots, i.e. the Opera House and north Sydney parks are filled up by morning. So... we walked 10 minutes to a nearby park and got a back side view of the harbour bridge, but with no choreographed music:( Good thing there was a 9 o'clock family fireworks display as Caleb and Jackson wouldn't of lasted until midnight. So this is what the Walker's saw. Kinda funny... we travelled 14 000 miles to watch the midnight fireworks display from our hotel room television. At least we could say that we could still feel and hear the booms as we watched it "live" on tv.

On New Years Day we visited the Royal Botanical Gardens. The trees were amazing and one could spend all day discovering new and wonderful things. Here are some of the things we saw. 1) Flying Foxes - giant bats hanging upside down vampire-style in the trees. 2) Caleb's new best friend. 3) The most amusing event of the day for Jackson - spitting down a storm drain and on bird poop. (Whether it is a good immune system, the tetnus, or Hep shots, nobody has been sick, considering the licking of bus stop windows/ playing with chewed gum/ touching everything everywhere in public bathrooms.)

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